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Level Up Your
Digital Textile Printing Business

From custom sportswear, swag and logogear, to home decor textiles, Wauhaus optimizes print operations to maximize profits

Welcome to Wauhaus

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About Us

We make digital textile decoration operations more profitable though color management, inter-facility quality compliance, print production optimization, material yield maximization, and workflow automation.  We start by making your color output predictable and repeatable, eliminating excess ink usage, and provide maintenance procedures to ensure consistency from job to job, day to day, and year to year.

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Printing textiles demands a keen comprehension of the needs of each specific application. Understanding the different requirements while maintaining the highest quality standards is paramount to achieving lean manufacturing goals without sacrificing color and quality criteria. Where sportswear production requires pure solids and deeper penetration, often without the use of printer profiles. Fashion typically is produced with far less ink and lighter weight transfer paper due to the topical nature of the application. Display graphics and promotional goods have a greater reliance of the use of printer profiles while personalized gifts can get by with simply pleasing color. Wauhaus’s keen understanding of each application not only tunes production to the specific print quality benchmarks but optimizes each for the best operational economy.

Home Decor


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Color Management

When it comes to color management, there is no singular correct answer. Several methods can work, but some work better than others for each application. The basic principals are important but knowing what rules to bend, break, or follow for optimal results is paramount to the effectiveness of your unique manufacturing operation.

Yield Optimization

Unlike typical digital print applications, more ink does not always equate to a larger color gamut. There are several key factors in textile decoration that can degrade the print quality and color fidelity if not taken into full account. Only such much molecular reaction can occur in a limited time so it is imperative to incorporate these aspects for optimal ink usage.

Workflow Automation

The most expensive consumable in digital textile decoration is not paper, ink, or even material. It is time. You can always replace damaged goods but you cannot replace lost time in production or make-ready. Workflow automation can be the difference between being ahead of the WIP curve or missing deadlines due to tedious, error-prone operations. 


Color Management

Unlike 10 years ago, color management and the use of ICC profiles to transform art files from the design colorspace to the printer colorspace is common place today. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as simply having a “printer profile”, especially when it comes to complexities of textile decoration. Understanding and controlling secondary elements like climatization and process is essential to predictable, repeatable color production. Instead of chasing colors, let us help you capture them and show you how to keep them in check the right way.


Yield Optimization

Using as much ink as one’s transfer paper or fabric can hold is not only wasteful but can be detrimental to the vibrancy, penetration, and detail quality of decorated textiles. At Wauhaus, we understand the requirements of each printing application and engineer a working system that produces the best print quality without all the extra waste. Even with the largest, most mature accounts that have been in production over a decade, we have been able to reduce ink requirements by upwards of 40% or more while improving detail and color clarity, and color gamut. 


Workflow Automation

A profitable printing operation requires more than simply low cost of goods. With the cost of materials coming down faster than ever before, a bigger impact on profit boils down to total cost of operation. Ways to accomplish this could include faster production speeds, greater flexibility in process paths, reduced reprints due to incorrect color or handling damage, and even upstream in art make-ready. The days of directing jobs to a single printer/press to ensure consistency can be left behind as can throwing people and shifts at tedious tasks like jersey personalization. What used to take a team or artists and operators days can now be done in minutes. Ask us what can be automated in your print operation.

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